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“You’re the one responsible for all the crime I committed!”

“If I could remain young, there’s nothing I wouldn’t give!”


A lifelike portrait; a gorgeous young man’s life changed.


Staring at the extraordinary portrait of his, Dorian Gray is filled with envy: “I wish I could always stay young and the picture age instead. For that…I would give everything! Even my soul!”


        Just when Dorian makes the wish, he meets Lord Henry Wotton, a hedonist, through his friend, the artist Basil Hallward. Under Henry’s enticement and support, Dorian gradually indulges in a world full of lust, evil and corruption.


        As time passes, Dorian Gray stays young and beautiful, and by contrast, his portrait becomes older and uglier day by day…


        “Can’t you understand? The picture is rotten, stinky and poisonous! You created a demon! You made me become this demon!”


        To conceal the secret of the portrait, Dorian Gray is forced to take action. The blade is lifted, but what it cuts is not only a relationship, but a chance to renew…


A gorgeous appearance, a corrupted soul, a rotten portrait, and a tangled relationship.


Can you tell me who is right and who is…wrong? 

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